PhD, Philosophy

I am an assistant professor in the Department of Cognitive and Information Sciences at UC Merced.

The philosophy homepage can be found here!
I was Mellon assistant professor of philosophy for the AY2018-2019 at Vanderbilt University 

My research falls broadly within the area of "social philosophy" (social epistemology and feminist philosophy).

Some recent publications include: "Reflections on Boundary Work in Social Epistemology" (2020) at SERRC, "Has Googling Made Us Worse Listeners?" (2020), and "An Intellectually Humbling Experience: Changes in Interpersonal Perception and Cultural Reasoning across a Five-Week Course" (2019).

I've also recently written a paper on the ethics of applied AI with Cathy O'Neil that's in S. Matthew Liao's new book, "The Ethics of AI". Preview our piece here



Works In Progress

  • A paper on gaslighting and relational autonomy

  • A paper on whose responsible for epistemic manipulation on online platforms

  • A paper on the idea of "extreme belief" and related concepts in polarisation research

  • And continuing various projects developing theories of both epistemic community and social-epistemic respect

Some pieces that will be published soon:

  • "Exclusion and Epistemic Community"

  • "How Should We Build Epistemic Community?"

  • "Filter Bubbles, Echo Chambers, and Online Community"



“Intellectual Humility", Co-authored with Casey Johnson, Michael P. Lynch, and Nathan Sheff, Oxford Bibliographies in Philosophy, Ed. Duncan Pritchard. New York: Oxford University Press. 2017.

“Googling", Co-authored with Michael P. Lynch, Routledge Handbook of Applied Epistemology, Ed. David Coady. 2019. 

Benjamin R. Meagher, Hanna Gunn, Nathan Seff, Daryl Van Tongeren “An Intellectually Humbling Experience: Changes in interpersonal perception and cultural reasoning across a 5-week course", Journal of Psychology and Theology, Special Issue: Cultural Humility.

Hanna Gunn and Michael P. Lynch (Forthcoming), “The Internet and Epistemic Agency", In Jennifer Lackey (Ed.), Applied Epistemology. OUP. 

Hanna Gunn and Cathy O’Neil (2020), “Near-Term Artificial Intelligence and the Ethical Matrix”, In S. Matthew Liao (Ed.) Ethics of Artificial Intelligence, pp. 235-269. OUP. 

Hanna Kiri Gunn (2019) “Has Googling Made Us Worse Listeners?”, Contemporary French and Francophone Studies, 23:4, 512-520, DOI: 10.1080/17409292.2019.1709343

Hanna Kiri Gunn (Accepted Jan 2020) “How Should We Build Epistemic Community?” Journal of Speculative Philosophy. Special Issue: Truth.

Hanna Kiri Gunn (Accepted Feb 2020) “Exclusion and Epistemic Community”, Revue Internationale De Philosophie. Special Issue: Post-Truth.

Hanna Kiri Gunn (Under Review) “Filter bubbles, Echo Chambers, and Online Communities”. In Michael Hannon & Jeroen De Ridder (Eds.) The Routledge Handbook of Political Epistemology. 

Hanna Kiri Gunn, “Boundary Work In Social Epistemology”, Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective. 

A companion website to Social Epistemology. 

Response article to a second round of Review and Reply to Finn Collin’s “Two Kinds of Social Epistemology Revisited”.



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